A little (a to z) survey…

A – Age: 26

B – Biggest Fear: People close to me dying.

C – Current Time: 9AM

D – Drink You Had Last: Coffee :)

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Chris or my girl Jan Jan.

2015-05-16 16.34.23-1

F – Favorite Song: Currently it’s Honey I’m Good.

G – Grossest Memory: The first one that comes to mind is a kid throwing up on a plane (right in front of us) twice and it getting on Chris’s shoes.

H – Hometown: Ingleside, IL.

I – In Love With: Chris and Meatball.

2014-04-18 21.16.18

J – Jealous Of: Chris’s sister who just studied abroad. That’s my ONE regret in life!

K – Kindest Person You Know: My stepmom, Robin… or my sister Blake. :)

L – Longest Relationship: Chris.

2015-07-10 20.26.43

M – Middle Name: Leigh (like LEE)

N – Number of Siblings: 3: two brothers one sister

2015-05-24 14.13.32




O – One Wish: Happy and healthy life.

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: I spoke to both my stepmom and stepdad yesterday :)

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “How’s wedding planning” “Are you mostly done?” “What does your dress look like?” All questions I love to answer, though!

R – Reason To Smile: Life is good. A lot of exciting things coming up: first dress fitting, final detailing with our venue, bachelorette/bachelor parties and then the BIG DAY!

S – Song You Last Sang: I’ll Be Your Man by the Zac Brown Band <3

T – Time You Woke Up: 4:35AM

U – Underwear Color: black

V – Vacation Destination: EUROPE. Or Glacier National Park.


W – Worst Habit: Impatience…it’s something I need to work on.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Knees, nose, arm, ankles, teeth, back

Y – Your Favorite Food: ICE CREAM

2013-06-22 15.55.20-2

Z – Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Happy hump day! <3

Life, Lately.

Life is busy my friends. Either that, or, blogging just isn’t a high priority for me lately. Let’s go with busy. :)

Chris and I just got back from Florida to celebrate his best friends wedding. It was a fun and oh-so relaxing trip with my favorite. We caught up with old friends and made some new ones. However, I will say that I am glad that we are not getting married in summer. Sweating in a dress (and while you’re trying to look nice) is not my favorite. It took about three bottles of wine to cool me down. ;)

2015-07-10 17.05.48

2015-07-15 19.02.27

We have been go-go-go with wedding planning. It feels good to check things off the list; but it feels like it will never end. It probably won’t until a day before (or the day of! yikes.)… but it will all be worth it in the end. We just made our final pre-payment to our venue… Shit is getting real!

2015-07-10 20.26.43

I have my first dress fitting in two weeks. Ah, I am so excited to put it on again. I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life…. Which brings me to the whole ‘honeymoon’ thing. I think honeymoons were designed to not only celebrate your new journey but to celebrate fitting into your wedding dress and not having to worry about extra wine and cake. Ya know?  It’s like… ‘YAY! I no longer have to worry about dress fittings. Let’s eat all the cake and drink all the wine.’ You feel me?

2015-07-15 19.03.18

We’re in the market for a new car. And by that I mean we already have it picked out. I want it now, but Chris is convincing me to wait a little bit until after all our big wedding payments are done with. It’s smart, and I am thankful he’s financially smart. But I just want to drive a new car right now. #FirstWorldProblems, I know.

Meatball was EXHAUSTED after his week long stay at Doggie Day Care. He LOVES it there. I think there’s always an adjustment period after we take him home because he misses all the other doggies. I want him to have another doggie to play with all the time. :( BTW, we got daily picture texts from his Day Care place and that idea is BRILLIANT. I felt so much better after seeing a pic of his happy mug.

2015-07-13 17.43.11

Work is FINALLY slowing down a bit after our last big event. We have two more events in the next couple months (one the week before the wedding!!!)…. So no, I’m not stressed about that at all. Thanks for asking. ;)

I am SO excited for my bachelorette weekend in San Diego! Eeeek. All my favorite people in one place. It’s going to be the best.

2015-07-13 17.40.05

So… this used to be a food and workout blog… so it makes sense that I should address both in my update… Let’s see… I am FLEXIBLE dieting which means tracking my macros (Carbs, Fat and Protein) with a coach. I love it. LOVE it. I have treats (and lots of carbs) every.single.day. And once a week, I have a High Carb Day (HCD) where I eat all the carbs including fro yo. I’ve lost a few LBS since starting but am just feeling healthy and happy.

2015-07-10 19.42.35

Let’s take VACA for example…. I was constantly snacking and didn’t bring any ‘safe’ foods on the trip. I brought snacks that I love (quest bars, oatmeal for breakfasts, lots of trail mix (the kind with chocolate), popcorn, sweet potato chips, etc.) and had the perfect balance of trying to stick to my goals while definitely enjoying and indulging.

I weigh in every Thursday (so today was my weigh in) and didn’t gain anything. So I will definitely take that as a win because I have #noregrets because… vacation and just feel like I am in a good place.

Just around starting my ‘flexible dieting’, I was over-exercising but didn’t know it. I used to walk outside at lunch but then it got too hot out (hello AZ summer) so I started going to LA Fitness on my lunch breaks and doing a lot of cardio (in addition to CF in the morning) because #weddingfitness and I do really enjoy working out. I mostly thought of it as ‘getting my steps in’ but for the past few weeks, I have turned to walking instead and some weight lifting. I have two rest days a week and it’s glorious. Once I started walking, I think the scale has consistently dropped minus this past vacation week. I still go to CF 3-4 times a week because I LOVE it. Overall, my fitness routine outside of CF is pretty low-key and easy.

I bought a couple bathing suits from Victoria Secret during their 30% off sale, and didn’t even criticize myself while trying them on. I didn’t even dread trying them on… which is definitely a new feeling. I was just sort of indifferent, yet excited to get a new suit. It’s the little victories, people.

So this is already much longer than I planned, but there’s so much to catch up on!

Talk soon…


Thankful Thursday

So much has happened since my last blog post! 

I went home to Illinois to watch my little sister graduate high school (lots of tears) and my stepmom decided to throw a bridal shower while I was home which surpassed every expectation I had. It was such an amazing weekend – my only wish was that Chris was there to celebrate with us as well…

Anyway, let’s get to things I’m thankful for:

1. My bridal shower! So thankful for all the time, effort and love that went into this party. I originally didn’t want one (just not for me) but my stepmom convinced me that it would be a non-traditional celebration: a wine tasting bridal shower. Sold! We went through 18 bottles amongst about 20 of us (and there were several that didn’t drink, so you do the math), had amazing food and desserts. If I could do it all over again, I would!!


2015-05-23 15.17.10

2015-05-23 15.16.39

2. I’m thankful for being able to watch my sister walk across the stage. I was debating about flying home for a short time (I have to save my PTO for the honeymoon) but I am SO glad I did. I couldn’t imagine NOT being there.

2015-05-24 14.13.32

3. I am thankful that I got to TRY ON MY DRESS again while I was home. Originally they told me that it wasn’t going to be in until about August, but they called me one day before I got on the plane and told me it was in! They were booked for appointments on Saturday (the only day I could’ve gone in to see it) but they fit me in and I was able to try it on with my mom, sister-in-law to be and mother-in-law to be. I loved it even more than when I tried it on for the first time. It put all my hesitations aside and I didn’t want to take it off. Ahhhhhhh! <3 I can’t wait until I can show everyone!

4. Random weekday surprise flowers. <3 Made my day!

2015-06-04 10.47.18

5. Thankful that we found a doggy day care place that MB loves and is affordable! Haha. It’s about half the price of our old one and we get picture texts throughout the day. I love taking him there and love how tired he is afterwards. :)

2015-06-04 07.33.37

6. I am thankful for amazing friends that surprised Chris and I with this ’20 week countdown’! They couldn’t make the trek to IL for the shower so they surprised us with the most thoughtful gift! I can’t wait to open one each week. Our first week’s theme was ‘good fortune’ so we opened up a box of chocolate coins. :) So creative!2015-05-27 17.29.08

7. Thankful for another fun PHX wine walk experience with good friends.

2015-05-16 16.34.23-1

8. I am thankful that it’s ALMOST FRIDAY.

Have a great day!


Tuesday Things

Let me just dust off my keyboard a bit before we get back into it. I’m not sure why I haven’t prioritized blogging lately… But I DO miss it. So let’s do what I do best… Ramble! :)

1. Wedding planning (DIY-ing) has been in FULL swing. It seems like every weekend I am tacking a project. I love it. I totally know what people mean by “post-wedding blues” because you spend so.much.time planning this one day and then it’s over…. and then you’re sad. :) I also know why I have known a few brides go on to try and get into the wedding planning business after their own wedding. It’s so fun. (And so not stressful, yet!)

2. My sister visited a while back. It was fun. I get to see her a couple weeks because she’s graduating high school! *Insert tears*

3. We took a group trip to Prescott to do a little wine tasting. It was way too much fun. As always, had way too much wine. :) I wore a hat in honor of the Kentucky Derby.

   4. We boarded Meatball while we were away for the weekend… and we found a new boarding place that (1) is MUCH cheaper (2) offers a 10% bulldog discount (the owner has bulldogs) and (3) sends me daily picture updates and sends MB home with a ‘report card.’ It’s amazing. He loves it. And he comes home sooooo tired. It’s amazing.  

5. We’ve been brunching every weekend, lately. I love breakfast food. :) Okay, okay… usually it’s more breakfast instead of brunch because we’re usually at the restaurant by 7:30/8AM.

6. Work is good! It’s fun and there’s always something going on.

7. Crossfit is going good, too! I FINALLY got my kipping pull-ups and can connect 4 in a row. I have been doing assisted with a band, but I got so sick of it that I just focused and practiced on getting that skill… It’s paid off! :)

8. My baby. <3

9. This view. We have gone on a hiatus from our weekly hikes… but I want to bring it back!

10. We had a rogue javelina start running towards MB and I a few weeks ago. So scary. They’re nasty.

Have a good week, friends! 


Ya’Mon… Back from Jamaica!

My Jamaica trip recap… Marvelous in My Monday style.


Marvelous is…

Margaritas on the two hour bus ride to the resort.

2015-02-24 12.54.55

Marvelous is… 

Ziplining through the Jamaican rainforest.

Marvelous is…

LOTS of wedding festivities. Rehearsal dinners…

2015-02-28 16.54.44

2015-02-26 18.52.18

2015-02-26 18.52.11

2015-02-26 18.51.45

Getting our hair and make-up done…

2015-02-27 16.07.42

And of course, THE WEDDING!

2015-02-27 17.49.54-1

2015-02-27 17.29.40

2015-02-27 17.29.54

Marvelous is…

My brother surprising me and calling me up half-way through his mother-son dance. Let’s pretend I didn’t get emotional. ;)

2015-03-01 22.56.58

Marvelous is…

Endless beach-y drinks. I drank straight sugar and rum for a week.

Marvelous is…

Spending time with family.

Marvelous is…

Breakfast on the ocean every.single.day. Coffee, eggs, mimosas, oatmeal, FRESH FRUIT. Omg.

Marvelous is…

Late-night pool parties. Followed by late-night snacks to sober up.

Marvelous is…

Getting back into a routine. Especially a workout routine. I missed my workouts!

Marvelous is…

PICKING UP MEATBALL IN 5 HOURS!!! It’s been ONE FULL week since we’ve seen him.

2015-02-22 09.35.37


Now, I’ll need a few weeks to recover.


Recent Wins

One work day after today because  I leave Friday morning for New York City… but it’s for work.

Bringing back an old favorite…baked pumpkin oatmeal with coconut and almond butter.

throwback pic

throwback pic

Getting my ass kicked at crossfit. Walking is a struggle. I also have nice looking bruises on my collar bones from cleans. Yikes.

Getting in 15K steps, yesterday. Planning on hitting that today, too!

2015-02-11 09.08.09

Today marks TWELVE days until we leave for Jamaica.

Celebrating the BFFs birthday. Getting me out of the house is such a chore, but I always have a good time when I am out!

2015-02-06 23.30.40

These two.

2015-02-08 07.55.09-1

Time for Starbucks in the morning because I sacrificed doing my hair.

2015-02-11 09.03.29


43 Double-Unders in a row this morning!!! :)

Sunday morning hikes.

2015-02-08 10.23.15-1

Statement necklaces.

2015-02-10 08.48.47

Breaking out my winter gear for NYC. I’m kind of excited for a change of weather. It will make our tropical vaca that much better.

My slo-mo camera on my iphone. Meatball is hilarious in slo mo!!!

Okay, that’s all I got. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Catching Up


Lately, my life has been revolving around the three W’s….

  • Work
  • Working Out
  • Wedding Planning

I’m not complaining… but that doesn’t leave much time for blogging. Luckily, I’ve been able to squeeze in a little shopping and fun things, too.

Let’s catch up on life, shall we?

1. Fitbit Charge HR.

This was an impulse buy when we were at Best Buy the other day. This one does my steps and heart rate among other things. I’ve had it for a couple weeks and I am already in love. It’s amazing how inactive I am sitting at my job alllll day.

We’ve been hiking every Sunday, which definitely helps get those steps in. This was my BEST day so far.

2015-01-30 15.45.12

2. iPhone 6 Plus.

Another impulse “buy” after finding out that I was kind of due for an early upgrade. I cannot even explain the excitement and satisfaction with not having to constantly keep my phone charged (no joke). Plus, I got a super cute case. And I have more than double the space/storage. Perfection.

And so far I haven’t dropped it (too badly).

3. Dirty hair.

I have been washing my hair every day since I can remember. Lately, I have only been washing it 3-4 times a week…. and I have been loving the extra time in the mornings (to pick out an outfit). I’ve been experimenting with different hair styles for dirty hair so I still feel “put together.”

2015-01-13 13.35.43

4. Hikes!

Fresh air and low-impact exercise? I’m in. What could be better? Plus it’s nice for Chris and I to spend time that time together without phones, TV or Meatball.

We’ve been doing one new hike each week and it’s easily the best part of my week. :)

2015-01-11 10.32.43

5. A Kindle.

I’m a reading machine, lately. Maybe because I have nothing to watch on Netflix? Haha! But it’s so easy to buy books from amazon rather than having to go to the library and search and wait. It’s that instant gratification that my generation needs. Haha.

6. THIS THIS THIS. A must read.

7. I can’t get over this face. He was having MORE paw issues, but I think we finally got it resolved. Hopefully. Seeing the baby limp is heartbreaking.

2015-01-29 11.57.11

8. I am very uninterested in the Superbowl. Or partying. But hand over the snacks. Never-mind my trip to Jamaica in a month.

9. THIS GIRL just signed to play golf for her college. So, so excited and proud.

2015-01-29 17.36.00

10. XOXO