Currently {April 2016}

Hey, let’s catch up.

Currently reading…

Confess. It was pretty good.

Now I’m on to…When Breath Becomes Air.

Currently listening to… 

Die a happy man. I loooove this song.

Current guilty pleasure…

Shopping. Buying all the things. Moving into a place is so expensive. You want to change things and buy new furniture, etc. Luckily, we have saved all the gift cards from my Bridal Shower (about a year ago!) and are working on using them all up. It’s been fun. We’ve bought new pots and pans, new dishes, counter stools, a new vacuum.

You know you’re old when… you’re excited over a vacuum. (But I can’t wait to use it!)

Current nail color…


Currently drinking…

Perrier lime sparkling water. Because I have a problem. Hi, my name is Courtney and I am addicted to Sparkling Water (all kinds).

Currently eating…

A salad with roasted sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, dried cranberries, chicken and cherry tomatoes. It’s amazing.

Currently watching.

Well I have been watching a lot of Netflix, because we just got out DirectTV set up yesterday.

Currently needing…

To find a Doggie Day Care in our area that is as amazing as the one we were using in Scottsdale. They sent me this the day we moved.


To go back to Europe.


Currently wishing for…

The weekend. I am looking forward to a restful yet productive weekend. Also looking forward to hanging out by the pool on the chaise lounge chairs we bought last weekend. Horray!


(While our pool was filling up… We had to drain in order to convert to salt water.)

Currently celebrating…

Owning a house!


Current bane of my existence…

Well, early April it was eating on paper plates. They are the worst.

Now it’s these walls that are being painted next week.


Currently crushing on…

My shoe rack. Is that an acceptable answer?


Currently (wish I was ) indulging in…

Wine. And brushetta. And fro yo. (and a throwback to a couple weekends ago in Sedona.)


Currently thankful for…

All our blessings… Health, happiness, a beautiful home… all the things.

Also, the amazing people that helped us move and unpack.


Current slang…

How about one that I hate? BAE.

Currently wearing…

Light ripped jeans, a long blouse and booties.

Currently excited for..

So many fun things on the horizon.

Currently feeling…

Blessed. And hungry. Hungry is a feeling, right?

What is CURRENTLY happening with you?

Thursday Things {4-14-16}

Good afternoon, internet friends.:)

Here are some things from this week…

I am tired of eating off paper plates. I’m tired of living in a disaster zone and having boxes everywhere. But..I am SO excited to move.

This is my new favorite dress… Because, leopard.


So…after three years… I have let my eyelash extensions fall off. I never intended to have them that long, but I loved them. I don’t have just one reason for stopping other than I didn’t want the maintenance, spend the money or have them forever. I figured now is as good of a time (as any!) to let them fall off and let my natural lashes grow back to their full potential. It sucks. Haha, I know it’s one of those things that eyelash obsessed people notice (like me)… but it still sucks. My natural lashes are now baby ones so I am trying to use castor oil to help them grow and strengthen them.


I have been an online shopping fiend, lately. Which is dumb because I have all these things coming to the house while we are packing up and moving. Ugh. Why do I do this to myself?

We are going to Sedona on Saturday and I have been looking forward to it for a couple weeks. We’re going hang out at one of my favorite non-Italy wineries with some of my most favorite people to be around. And eat some delicious brushetta which I have become obsessed with post-Honeymoon.


(Throwback to last trip to Sedona.)

I have been living-for-the-weekend lately, and I hate it. I need to make the work week more enjoyable, which means I need to change my mindset. I need some tips on how to make the work-week more enjoyable.:)


(yup, wearing my new favorite dress.)

I know it’s only April… but our Fall is pretty much jam-packed with so many fun things. I cannot wait. I am definitely one of those people that need something to look forward to… and by something I usually mean a trip/vacation. Tell me I’m not the only one!

We’ve started planning our “excursions” for our Alaskan cruise in June… and I am already excited to hike this hike. It looks AMAZING. All I really want to do when we dock is either hike or hang out in the towns. I don’t need to ride on a train or dog sled (that makes me sad).

THIS is my husband. He’s the best.


The other day was National Siblings Day… These are my people.:)


My salads this week have been amazing: Roasted cauliflower, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potato, dried cranberries, chicken and cherry tomatoes. So, so good.

And, I’ll leave you with two recent pictures of this little guy…

IMG_1602 IMG_1595


FIVE Things Fri-YAY {3.25.16}

It’s FRI-YAY!! Today is the first day that I am feeling like I am on the up… however I have been having some eye issues and generally low-energy, so this Friday could not come fast enough.

Also, two posts in two weeks? It’s a miracle. These are my favorite kind of posts because they are a random mash-up of my life.


Five things I ate:


  1. Baked pumpkin oatmeal. Yup. I am still eating pumpkin in March.
  2. Trail mix.
  3. Whipped Greek Yogurt. Obsessed with the texture!
  4. Chocolate covered cherries (not the big real cheery in juice kind… The dried fruit kind from the Sprouts bulk bin. Obsessed.)
  5. Scrambled eggs and toast… because I’ve been sick.😦

Things I’ve read (and loved):

I had to tell the truth. All the feels.

Me before you. LOVED, loved, loved this book.

Confess: A Novel… Reading this now and it’s good!

This image I sent to my sister for some inspiration.❤


Five things making me happy:

Mail days. I love when my grandma puts stickers on our packages. It’s so cute!


My #ThrowbackThursday image, last week. Still makes me smile. He could have told me it’s okay to put down the glass of wine for a couple seconds. Haha.


Getting closer to MOVING. Cannot wait.


Planning our next European vaca. It’s everything.



Things I’ve Been Loving Thurdsay

It’s meeeeeee. It’s been so long that I am lucky I even remember my username and password. The thing is, I have missed blogging. It just is a lot of work and I don’t have as much free time as I used to. None-the-less… I fully plan to blog when I can. Even if it’s been a few months since my last post.:)

What better way to jump back into it with things I have been lovely lately?!

Pictures of Meatball at Doggie Day Care. They love him there.


Packing up (we’ve bought a house!) and throwing/donating a TON of stuff. It feels so good to get rid of everything we’ve accumulated and don’t use over the past three years.


By the way, this is our new house.:) We move in in about a month. I cannot wait to have my own pool!


Date nights. We took a long hiatus on date nights because we’ve been busy and trying to avoid spend frivolously… but they are back.


Reliving our honeymoon. I seriously think about it every day and want to go back… for good.😉



Going through photos and finding funny ones from our wedding that I forgot about. Like this one right off the shuttle after the reception. LOL. #hotmess


Hikes and long walks. The so, so weather is PERFECT lately… that’s why we live here!! Also, woof to the picture below. That was one of the hardest hikes I’ve done, yet!

IMG_1271 IMG_1265

Lilash… I am not 100% sure it’s working, but because I am letting my lash extensions fall out, I am crossing my fingers it is! Once they’re out, I am also going to try Castor Oil too… It’s going to be a big adjustment and I’m dreading it but know it’s better long-term.

Planning our trips! This year, we have Alaska, a trip to Wisconsin for a wedding, Zion Canyon National Park and EUROPE (Ireland, Belgium, Italy). I’m not going to lie when I say I am probably most excited to go back to Europe.

And, a throwback… because, Thursday.


Have a wonderful Thursday!

Our Love Story

I have been meaning to give an update on our wedding and honeymoon…and you know, life!… but life has been busy (the good kind of busy, though!).

And, mostly, I can’t talk about the wedding or honeymoon without intense nostalgia (and probably some tears) and wanting to relive it over and over again.

{Chris & Courtney from Brittania Drew on Vimeo.}

The day was absolutely PERFECT. Of course, there were a few things that went wrong or didn’t go as planned – but they were absolutely so minimal compared to the day.

I knew that I would get emotional reading my vows (as you can see in the video), but I never knew how many emotions I would feel that day. I ugly cried a few times that day because I was so overwhelmed with love, happiness and NOT wanting it to be over… (luckily I didn’t ugly cry as much as my sis. Love you!).

I’ll write more when I can.


10 Bridezilla Moments

I always thought I’d be a bridezilla because I love to be in control. BUT, (if I do say so myself), I have been pretty laid back about everything thus far… I am not even trying to control every aspect of planning and have joyfully let the moms take on some of the responsibilities and planning.

However…. there are CERTAIN THINGS that can turn nice girls into a bridezilla. Here are some of my bridezilla moments….


(1) People NOT sending in RSVPs. AND our RSVPs being lost in the mail (we’ve lost at least 10).

(2) Last minute add-ons. AND people adding additional guests who were not on the invite.

(3) Being “pressured” to invite certain people.

(4) My alterations + shipping + steaming costing about $1000. -> This was more of a mental breakdown. Haha.

(5) Thinking my dress was too tight and scheduling a fitting three days later to re-try it on and then being OK with it. LOL

(6) Finishing projects that I just don’t care too much about… but they needed to get done. Needing to plan and coordinate things that I simply do not care about.:)

(7) Wanting certain things to be “perfect” before finishing.

(8) Everything being just “a few hundred dollars more.” Lol! It adds up!

(9) Over-committing myself…. Traveling to work the week before the wedding.

(10) SEATING CHART. The bane of my (and I’m sure every other brides) existence.

In all seriousness… I get that people get busy and forget to send in RSVPs. I get that some people are just rude, too. I get that families want to share this wedding with ALL CREATION and are almost as excited as we are for the wedding. I get that nothing will every be perfect and all of these moments are truly #FirstWorldProblems.

We are so blessed that so many people want to celebrate with us and are so excited. Only 19 more days!:)

Sun, Sand & a Drink in My Hand

About 2 weeks have passed since my Bachelorette weekend in sunny Oceanside, California… and I (my liver included) am  finally recovered. Lol.

To say it was one of my favorite weekends is an understatement. First, I am so incredibly blessed that so many of my favorite women were able to fly (or drive) across the country or state lines to celebrate my “last” weekend as a “single lady.” Second, my Maid of Honor (my BFF) did such an incredible job from start to finish. And boy, did she bring the party where ever we went.

Shortly before the weekend, I found out that TWO of my five bridesmaids couldn’t make it. My sister qualified for her first college golf tournament and couldn’t go. While happy for her, I was sad she was going to miss it. Then, one of my good friends from Arizona had some immediate health issues (that she’s still working through, poor thing) and couldn’t make it. I had a couple minutes of feeling bad for myself – until I remembered just HOW MANY of my favorite women will be there.

Anyway… Another thing that made the weekend fun was that Chris was simultaneously having his Bachelor party weekend in Denver at the same time so it was fun trading pics back and forth between the two parties.

Here’s a short photo dump of the trip….

Day  one: My MOH secured a house that was a few minutes (walk) to the beach. It was so much fun staying with everyone in the same spot! The first night, we played a quick game with drinks… Then, we made our way to dinner at a local dive bar with a live band. This night is a blur as you can probably tell from my “after” photo. Haha.

bride bachelorette

court chris bachelorette



Day two: We made our way to the beach for recovery. I got to sport our cute tanks that my BFF made especially for the occasion. After the beach, we all got ready for a night in San Diego at Shout House. This was AMAZING. We had front row seats… the players were amazing… and there was NO shortage of drinks or on-stage dancing.





janet courtney bachelorette




Day Three: Around 11 am, we were off to a winery in a SURPRISE limo. It was amazing. I wish I was able to drink more this day… lol… but it was so fun and beautiful. It was the perfect low-key and last day. Plus, I LOVE wineries and wine tastings. It was perfect.







bachelorette funnt


Guess what? We are FOUR WEEKS OUT, people. In ONE month, I’ll marry my best friend.❤

And then we’ll be off to Italy. I cannot wait!