Thursday Thoughts

I don’t have many food related posts this week due to laziness and not enjoying feeling obligated to take pictures of my food. Especially becasue most of my meals aren’t pretty (but they are delicious).

So I leave you with my thoughts on this very fine Thursday. Thankfully!

1. Still going strong with Insanity. It’s been hard to stay on a 1200 calorie plan when I am STARVING right after I eat my snacks/meals/whatever. Due to extra snacking and not recording those calories, I’ve probably gone over my daily limit everyday a few times this week.

2. I’ve been in a serious breakfast rut. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Breakfasts are my favorite meals and usually can get semi-creative if I make it the night before. I guess I have burned myself out on protein tarts, greek yogurt, and oats. Also, all I have been wanting is carbs and fats. Together. Like an english muffin with lots of peanut butter.

3. On a happier note, I did fix something up this morning that I thought of right before bedtime last night. Plain greek yogurt + stevia + 1/2 banana + 1 T protein powder + 1 Scoop of homemade PB (no sugar, only 40 calories a T when I calculated it, but that’s probably wrong) + 1/2 C Kashi Go Lean. Delicious & nutritious.

4. I’m sick of cottage cheese. I need another low(er) calorie + high protein snack to take to work. HAAALP!

5. I’ve kicked my morning coffee in favor of Fitmixer Aminos. Coffee just doesn’t taste or sound good after drinking those. I haven’t even gotten headaches yet. [Note: I drank coffee for the taste, mostly. The caffiene was an added bonus, but I don’t drink any other caffinated beverages since giving up diet pop about 6 months ago.)

6. Pumpkin spice bread products are ALL OVER THE BLOGOSPHERE. I crave them. And, every time I go to the store I search high and low. None. No where. [[cue wimpers]]

7. To solve that (re: #6) I plan to make THIS this weekend. I cannnnnot wait.

8. Best friend is coming in from Texas this weekend. Soexcitedtoseeher!

9. I’ve been doing really well with not drinking on the weekends (not that it was a problem, unless we’re talking about college). Truthfully, I’d rather eat my calories than drink them. And, since I have so few calories to use at night, I know drinking will cause me to go over. Which stresses me out (workin’ on it). But, I’m planning on meeting my bestie out on Friday for a few drinks. Nothing too crazy because I have Insanity scheduled early Saturday morning.

10. This whole working full time without any long breaks or skipping class excuses is gettin’ old. Now I REALLY understand the whole “live for the weekends” phase.

11. Is it Friday yet?

12. I’ll leave you with this hilarious find on Pinterest. If you’re in for a good laugh… must click that link.

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