WIAW: Hollow Day

Anyone get that reference in the title? It’s from the Hunger Games. I recently purchased Audible, because I have a new found love for listening to books on tape and I’m on book 3 of the Hunger Games series. Normally, I’m more of a memior or autobio girl, but these books are so. good.

Anyway, yesterday I was hungry all day. Nothing seemed to satisfy me for longer than 30 minutes 2 hours.

I have been seriously slacking in taking pictures of my lunch, dinner and snacks but I usually remember to capture breakfast. 🙂 Here’s my improv.

As always, thanks to Jenn for this fabulous link-up.

4:45 TurboFire Fire EZ 45 DVD + Stretch 10

7:15 Breakfast

Baked Protein Puff Pancake with Blueberries + Fitmixer Aminos and 2 tsp of ACV (working up to a Tablespoon)

Topped with a little coconut butter and PB.

Wasn’t hungry for a snack, despite my hollow day.

11:50 Lunch

A new lunch combo! Grilled chicken with 1/2 of a roasted sweet potatoes and some roasted veggies/squash. I was worried this would be lacking in flavor because there were no seasonings besides salt, but this was a pretty delicious lunch. I think I’ll be making this every Sunday to have for a few days.

2013-01-22 11.58.54

Along with a side of canteloupe (unpictured). Delish. The secret to delicious, juicy canteloupe it to leave it sit on your counter for a few days week until it ripens. It can even be a little moldy on the outside (I don’t let mine sit that long, but I hear it’s better that way)! Sounds gross, but like I said, leaving it sit to ripen is key.

2:30 Snack #1

Plain greek yogurt + stevia + Trader Joe’s Cherry Medley frozen fruit mix. This was pretty delicious although thawed, once-frozen blueberries aren’t the greatest  unless their in something that’s cooked.

Picture this but with frozen fruit :)

Picture this but with frozen fruit 🙂

4:30 Courtney’s 10-10-10 workout with a fast run instead of an incline walk. I finished with some pushups and a few AB exercises.



6:15 Dinner

Forgot to snap a photo, but I made this soup (Monday’s recipe because I’m a day behind on the meal plan) with quick cooking barley + a can of green chiles added to the mix. This is definitely a keeper. So incredibly easy and delicious.

I had a pita bread on the side (Joseph’s 60 calorie pitas) with spray butter because I felt like I needed some carbs. I was cravin’ some.

7:30 Snack #2

Protein muffin with some Maranatha Caramel Almond Butter, a few chocolate chips and a dark chocolate Hershey’s kiss all melted on top. This is a delicious snack with lots of protein. A little high in sugar, but I feel like it’s my one treat for the day so it’s okay.

Looked like this but with a little more chocolate :)

Looked like this but with a little more chocolate 🙂

After this, I still felt hungry. I had about 1/2 C of cateloupe and a spoonful of White Chocolate Wonderful PB. Still not satisfied but I decided to call it a night since I was over my calorie limit and tried to chug water instead.


I was supposed to do TurboFire Core 20 + Strech 40 DVD this morning, but I decided to skip on the Strech 40 and do it after work. I’m also going to try my new Brooks Running shoes too! I am so excited. They are heavenly… like walking on little clouds. I can only imagine how nice they are to run in 🙂

Having good workout gear (clothes, equipment, etc.) really makes you look forward to working out. The same will be true when I order my HRM once I reach my weight goal > only .6 lbs to go! I’m going to make sure I stay on track this weekend and try to hit it next week. I think I decided on ordering the Polar FT60 with the foot pod.

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