WIAW: Restaurant Quality

I have been slacking on taking pictures lately…

So, I’ll have to do some mix and match meals from the past couple of days. I hope you’ll forgive me. Yesterday was a bottomless pit day for me. I was hungry all day. While I tried to hold off to my “normal” snack times, I decided that I was going to eat when I was hungry and that was that.

Even after a delicious dinner & night-time protein muffin snack, I was still hungry so I kept snacking. Win. Another small victory was not feeling obligated to walk or workout after work. Walking on the tredmill did not sound like fun, so I didn’t do it. Win. I went over my calories for yesterday, but it’s okay because I was HUNGRY. I didn’t even really feel guilty. Another win. Small steps (of letting to let go), people. Small steps. 🙂

Okay I’ll stop rambling, let’s get to it! Thanks to Jenn for hosting this linkup. 🙂

WIAW: Restaurant Quality

4:45 a.m. P90X Core Synergystics — rest week, yay.

7:15: Breakfast

Still going strong with oat bran (love). Yesterday’s mix had 1/2 banana in the mix along with a few strawberries. Still topped with TJ’s almond butter with sea salt. SO delish.

  • 1 2/3 C water
  • 1/3 C oat bran
  • 1/2 scoop Fitmixer Vanilla Protein
  • 1/2 banana
  • Strawberries
  • TJ’s Almond Butter
2013-03-19 06.48.38

Recycled photo

9:30 Snack

I’m trying to get more protein in, so I picked up a huge 1 lb bag of teriyaki beef jerkey from Sams. Probably has a lot of sodium, but I like it. 🙂


I had about an ounce (probably a little more) of it.

12:00 Lunch

Turkey and avocado on a pita bread alond with some carrots and baby tomatoes.

2013-03-19 12.03.50

another recycled photo

1 cup of canteloup on the side (delish!)

You know the secret to perfectly ripe canteloupe is to let it ripen on your counter for a few days. I had two canteloupes (you can never buy just one!) on my counter for a week. Fact.

2:15 Snack #2

Almonds. These are my favorite flavor. I had hard-boiled eggs in the work fridge, but I wasn’t feeling it. I hope they’re still good (about a week old still in the shell) because I plan on having one this morning. Ha!


4:30 Pre-Dinner Snack

Some more canteloupe (I was so hungry) and one of these bad boys.

2013-03-22 23.04.22

PB Chocolate Chip Pretzel Bites from How Sweet Eats. I bet these would be BOMB on top of some greek yogurt or ice cream.

Unfortunately greek yogurt has been upsetting my tummy lately. 😦

5:45 Dinner

Well, yesterday I actually had 3 ounces of ground turkey, laughing cow light swiss cheese and some ketchup inside a pita bread with roasted zuchinni and green beans on the side. Unfortunately, I was too hungry (re: lazy) to snap a picture.

But I did manage to snap a picture of Monday’s dinner because the BF said it was “restaurant quality.” Damn right!

2013-03-25 18.24.53

This is a 2 egg and 1/3 C egg white omelette with black beans, reduced fat cheddar cheese, salsa and avocado. I had to get some more veggies in, so I steamed microwaved some broccoli for my side. Plus, I ALWAYS need sides. And preferably, more than one side.

On a side note: I swear that cooking eggs in coconut oil make 100% difference. WAY better than non-stick spray or olive oil. Especially fpr omlettes or fried eggs. Seriously, you need to try it. Even the non-coconut lovers out there (like the BF) will love it. Promise! All you need is a little bit. For my omelette, I used about 1/2 tsp.

7:30 Snack #3

A protein muffin with melty caramel PB and chocolate.

2012-11-07 19.37.43

In the protein muffin-

  • 2 T egg whites
  • 1/2 scoop protein (Fitmixer Vanilla)
  • 1 T unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda

Mix and pop in the micro for about 1:30.

I followed this up with some more canteloupe and a spoonful of TJ’s almond butter.

[Note: This does not include every single thing I ate or drank yesterday.]

How about you- are you a sides person? One side, two sides?

I can do with only one side, but I prefer two. The BF doesn’t need any which is just crazy-talk to me. 🙂

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