I feel like I got so much stuff done this weekend! It was a healthy mix of productive and relaxing which is the best kind of weekend, no?

Friday, I finally got my eyebrows threaded.

2014-04-11 14.18.27

^^ This was right after the appointment and there is barely any red. The BF makes fun of me because after waxing I’d look like a clown for a week!

For those of you who don’t know about eyebrow threading, it will change your life (?). It hurts a little less than waxing and you’re not scolding your skin with hot wax and then ripping it off. Your brows only stay red for about 10 minutes and you can get the same shape with threading as you can with waxing. It’s usually cheaper to thread, too. When I used to get my brows waxed, they would be red for days. But I’m also allergic to the wax… so there’s that.

Then we had a hot date to Twisted Rose Winery and a painting class.

2014-04-11 16.59.18

Twisted Rose had really good wines.

2014-04-11 17.11.58

And yes, our waiter let me add Sangria to my flight list.


Dinner was just OK, but the wine was good. That’s all that really matters, right?

What's left of my dinner.

What’s left of my dinner.

Once we got to the painting class, there were 6 empty chairs and our instructor found out that the group of 6 got into a car accident on their way… so the class was cancelled-super scary. I hope it turned out to be nothing too serious. So, we called it a night and got two movies and some Fro Yo -> our typical “go-to.”

2014-04-12 15.16.41

And then we made a pact to only get ice cream once a month… it was becoming too much of a habit for both of our likings.

Even though I had still kind of planned on running Saturday morning (despite me week off)… I didn’t. I had my alarm set and when it went off I successfully talked myself out of it. Then I felt a bit guilty about it and then I realized that I’m still on the fence about the marathon. Ugh, I am the worst decision maker, ever.

I worked out, we cleaned, we drove around to some Crossfit boxes to check out the location and went to REI.

Then we hung out at the pool while I read Insurgent and the BF studied for his next Actuary exam. Those actuaries are allllllways studying so it’s nice that he could do it by the pool. 🙂

Sunday we slept in a little bit, had a leisurely breakfast and some Starbucks.

2014-04-13 07.37.54



Then I did a lot of cooking which included these homemade protein granola bars. The BF said they could give Chewy a run for their money. I think he liked them.

2014-04-13 13.11.03-2

We did more cleaning, more pool time and another spontaneous shopping trip to Boot Barn. Let me just tell you… it was fate to see these boots “on sale.”

2014-04-13 18.03.33-1

We finished out the night with the best roasted chicken I have ever tasted. This lady is a genius. And I want to know who first THOUGHT of beer can chicken (or beer-up-the-butt chicken. I’ve heard it both ways. haha). Seriously. What a weird thing to come up with. Weird but delicious.

2014-04-13 18.33.25

That was a super detailed recap of our weekend of chores and errands. It was Marvelous none-the-less. 🙂



9 thoughts on “Marvelous

  1. you eye LASHES!!! oh. my. lord. i am so intrigued by what you told me before how you get them done(?) by someone. i may be convinced after that first pic!

    • YES! They are my faaaaavorite. I just used yelp (yelped) eyelash extensions and found the lady with the best reviews and price. I get them filled every two weeks. It’s my favorite part of the week. I just nap 🙂

    • Thanks lady. I know fellow country music fans will appreciate a good cowgirl boot. 🙂 My secret is….. eyelash extensions! 🙂 They are a little expensive, but totes worth it in my opinion. I never have to put on a single swipe of mascara.

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