Quite A Rant-y Monday

There is no amount of coffee that could’ve prepared  me for this morning.

I picked Chris up at the airport last night and didn’t get to bed until past 11. That’s about 3 hours past my normal bedtime. Not to mention I didn’t sleep well at all this weekend. Tonight’s going to be an early night, that’s for sure.

Saturday started off with a few treadmill sprints and then the Salt River for some tubing and drinking. I didn’t have any more than a half of a beer because I offered to DD… but it was a blast. Even though we only did the short route (2 hours) through the “canyon”… we still didn’t get home until after 5. I spent Saturday night cuddling with Meatball and watching Army Wives.

2014-06-14 07.28.33-2

Sunday morning, I woke up naturally at 5 am and had a beautiful breakfast. I’ve been having sprouted wheat bread every day, lately. It was one of my “fear foods” (to eat often)… so this is huge for me.

2014-06-15 06.32.23

I took Meatball to the vet because we noticed a tiny bald spot on his head that seemed to be getting bigger. We are hypochondriacs just wanted to be sure. Anyway, they did a skin scrape and that turned out to be nothing.

2014-06-15 09.23.46

But then we got talking about MB’s allergies and his poor little folds (wrinkles). We clean them all the time and they are not getting any better. We are even changing his food because we’re trying to see if it’s a food allergy. The vet confirmed he had allergies (eyes constantly watering, sneezing, itchy paws) and all the wetness is causing yeast overgrowth in his folds.  Right now, it’s not infected but it could get there if we don’t get it under control.

2014-06-15 09.32.56

And here is where I really rant.

Our vet treats every visit like a business (yes, I realize it is) but I feel like she just prescribes medication to make money AND just to treat the symptoms, not the cause. That is probably the most frustrating part. I would shell out $ to make sure MB is healthy if I thought that we were really treating the reasons why. I realize that allergies aren’t “that big of deal” – but she finally just did a culture test to see if it was yeast (after “guessing” last time and prescribing us $30 medicine that did nothing).

Then, you’d think she would tell us about how yeast grows (in wet environments) and what it thrives off of (sugars). Maybe extra measures we can take at home to prevent it (no more oatmeal baths – use a non grain hypoallergenic shampoo) and some natural remedies (coconut oil). Also when talking about allergies, I mentioned the food situation (switching from salmon and sweet potatoes to just salmon and non-starchy veggies) and she said “most allergies are due to the protein source” – well that’s great to know, but the yeast is thriving off the sugary starch. So, how about offer something of value – especially for a $300 bill.

Okay, I am done. If you’re still reading, thanks for sticking with me.

2014-06-15 14.39.38

After our long vet appointment, MB and I went to play with some friends. It was like Easter weekend all over again. We had a good weekend together!

What’s your Monday rant? I can’t be the only one…. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Quite A Rant-y Monday

  1. Mondays are just those days where rants are 100% perfectly acceptable 😉 I would like my foot to be improved because I’m terribly annoyed with it.

  2. I have such an issue with vets as well. We finally found one here we really like who is super patient with us and loving to Stella, but they definitely are hard to find! Doctors can be the same way… haven’t they ever heard of bedside manner? I feel like it should totally apply to animals too…

    • I agree! Both doctors and vets are hard to find. I don’t want a dr/vet to just prescribe meds cause they get a kickback or whatever. I want to treat the Cause!!! Ugh! Haha clearly I’m still a little heated.

  3. sometimes i feel like i go through the same thing with my vet when gatsby gets ear infections. i always get a $200 vet bill to cure the symptoms, but not always something to prevent them from coming around again. i’m pretty lucky with gatsby’s wrinkles because he has such a long fluffy coat that his don’t cause any problems. hope little MB and his wrinkles stay cleaned!

    • I’m glad it’s not just me who feels that way! That’s just one tiny problem I have with vets and drs! But I guess I just prefer a more holistic approach.

      I hope so too! Were trying😁

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