Long-Winded Things.

1. I’m not sure if I told you about how we have been feeding MB. We put it in an empty PB jar and set it on the floor. Then he runs and bats it over and all the food flies out and he runs around as fast as he can picking up all the pieces. We do this because he literally inhales his food in a few seconds if it’s in his bowl. Apparently that’s not the best for their tummies.

Anyway, because he is eating off the floor (which grosses me out, but we’ll ignore that), I don’t want to use any toxic cleaning products. So, I ordered some castile soap and essential oils on Amazon and made my own yesterday.

It smelled SO good. I think it’s about the same level of cleanliness… but it smelled so citrus-y. I think I might be sold on essential oils.

2. I’ve been getting better at taking compliments. I definitely have work to do… but I have gotten compliments on being athletic and fit lately.

And you know what? I am. And I work hard for it. Normally I would have brushed it off and addressed something that I “wasn’t” good at because I didn’t think that I had a body that warranted the compliments. More progress. 🙂

3. I had two Quest bars last Saturday (one during the day and one after dinner because that was our only “treat” in the house!) and I felt so sick after. I’ve hit a new low.

4. I met this real cool girl who is friends with my BFF and we are like new BFFs. Okay, that’s an exaggeration… but you know when you meet people and you just click? Yeah, that’s what it was. And I think that reminds me I should get out of the house more. 🙂

5. Holiday’s are a little tough being so far away from family.

I have never been the homesick type. I am good on my own and enjoy the independence, but as I get older… I find myself wishing that I could just any old day with my family. Weekly dinners, weekend activities, shopping… etc.

So, as I was writing my father’s day letters (which are late bc I haven’t even sent them yet, as always), I cried. Mostly because I am so grateful for two incredible men in my life but also because I miss them.

I am so, so blessed.

6. So Chris and I have a fun weekend, ahead. Painting class tomorrow and then JERSEY BOYS on Saturday in Tucson. To say I am pumped is an understatement. I just love the oldies.

I’m on the hunt for a good restaurant in Tucson and I’ll definitely have to convince the BF that ice cream is a must.

7. I was supposed to wake up yesterday and go to CF at 5am with Chris, but I slept in instead. It’s not even that I am waking up a lot earlier than usual, it’s just the thought of working out right after I wake up sounds kind of miserable. I am trying, though because it does feel good to be done with it for the day. I just have to keep reminding myself that.

And… I did get up this morning to go. Glad it’s done for the day!

8. We bought some wild caught salmon the other day at Sprouts… being a fish hater, this is a big deal for me. I have been wanting to force myself to eat fish because it’s so good for you. And I’ve tried a bite or two at restaurants and didn’t hate it, so I thought it was time to make some on my own. I don’t even know who I am, anymore! 🙂

Tell me your favorite recipe!

9. Cleaning MB’s ears is pretty much impossible. We need, like, 10 more hands.

10.  True that.


5 thoughts on “Long-Winded Things.

  1. I’ve been OBSESSED with essential oils lately! I’ve used them for cleaning, but also for a bunch of health stuff as well. One in particular I’ve been using when Eric or I get sick and it we are almost better the next day. Crazy what those things can do!

    We don’t have that problem with Stella eating because she’s like the slowest eater on the planet, but I’ve also heard that you can put smaller bowl upside down in their food bowl and pour the food around it. Then they have to work the smaller bowl around with their nose to get to the food and it takes longer. No idea if it works well, but just a thought!

    • That’s so cool. I definitely need to do some more research and reading about all the things you can do with oils. I love that they’re non toxic. I’m slowly becoming more and more holistic and natural. ☺️

      That’s a good idea! I heard muffin tins work too but I didn’t want meatball eating out of my baking stuff. Haha. It might be better than off the floor though. I guess I have to choose my battles lol.

  2. omg. cleaning the ears! i could not agree more! gatsby is such a turd when i have to clean his. he hates it for some weird reason. it’s like i need 10 hands, but there isn’t even enough room for that many hands in there. the struggle. and #2 yay for being able to take compliments! i’m the same way where i’m not the best at receiving them. i usually get really embarrassed for some weird reason, which is just ridiculous.

    • Too funny. Both our wrinkly pups would get along so well!

      And I feel like most girls struggle with taking them to some degree. We should all just embrace our awesomeness. ☺️😏

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