Bulldogs & Weddings Things

Social media can be a funny thing, especially Instagram. You follow people you don’t know or have ever met in real life, and then you see that something earth shattering has happened to them and your heart breaks for them.

Before we got our baby bulldog, I followed all bulldog Instagram accounts, just loving the pictures and videos of bulldogs that melted my heart and got me more excited to have one in my life.

2014-02-15 09.09.28

One of the bulldogs I followed, a few months older than Meatball, died. My heart aches for his owner. I cannot even fathom that happening to my baby. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. :(

Okay, onto happier things. Sorry about that.

Let’s talk wedding updates!

1. We have NOT booked the photographer/videographer yet. We have the contracts signed and sealed, however I am torn between two. One is someone who I love and have worked with before but a little more expensive for just her and no assistant. The other one just has such a beautiful style. I am the WORST decision maker on the planet. Don’t make me choose!

2. I made my first dress appointment. GAH! I am so excited and already nervous. I basically have one day (while we are home for Christmas) to try on dresses for the first time and make my decision. Let me repeat – I am the worst decision maker in the WORLD. The word “indecisive” doesn’t even cut it.

I am also a tiny bit nervous to have a big crew of 5 amazing women by my side (a lot of opinions per say yes to the dress LOL) but I want them all there. My mom, stepmom, sister, mother-in-law to be and sister-in-law to be. :)

And, a little nervous about finding one within and sticking to my budget. Haha, sorry Chris! ;)

3. Also while we are home for Christmas, we are going to be testing food from our venue and talking more about details of the big day… and… probably what I am most looking forward to… CAKE TASTING. Yessssss.

Couldn't find any cake pictures, so here you go. :)

Couldn’t find any cake pictures, so here you go. :)

4. I emailed the hotel to set up a room block, I have NO idea how to do that… so they are probably going to email me back asking a million questions that I don’t know the answer to because it’s so far away. Haha.

Have a happy hump day! :)

Those Moments

I am warning you, this is going to be a gushy post. :)

You know the moments where you pause and really appreciate where you are? I had a few of those over the weekend that I wanted to share.

Moment #1
Chris would squeeze my hand any time he heard a song or particular line that reminded him of me and it was such a small yet incredible sweet gesture. Then I pictured us standing at the alter promising to love each other and I felt so, so blessed and excited for this new chapter and journey.

Moment #2
In my free time, I’ve been working on our wedding website and filling in the information. Yes, we still have a LONG time before it’s necessary, but I’m excited… so just roll with it. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to fill out each others’ short bios on the site. I showed Chris what I wrote about him and told him it was his turn to write about me. While we were waiting for the concert to start, he told me it was already up on the site, so naturally I logged on as fast I could so I could read it.

It made me cry! Reading it, I could just feel the love he has for me and I am just so lucky. :) It was perfect.

Moment #3
Sunday, we finished our lazy day by watching some Naked and Afraid before bed. I was listening to him tell me a story (or a fun fact which he is so good for :) ) and I felt so content to be in that moment. Just hanging and talking with my best friend before bed. I wasn’t bored because we laid around all day, I wasn’t annoyed because we spent every minute of the weekend together, I was just happy. There was no one else I’d rather be with or talk with.

love is

So yes, an extremely mushy post… but I am just so blessed in this life. <3

So Much Marvelous

Good morning. Happy Monday!

Today, I am back to linking up with Katie for MIMM. It’s been a while, and there was a lot of awesomeness over the weekend.


Marvelous is…a spontaneous trip to a new-to-us ice cream shop called Sweet Republic. I guess they have won many awards and have been on TV a few times for their insanely awesome artisan ice cream. Chris and I split this monster… (I only wanted a “few” bites) and it was hands down the best ice cream I have ever had. They also make their marshmallows from scratch (that’s the topper)… incredible.

2014-07-25 19.56.53

I found out they sell their ice cream in Whole Foods, too. I wish I wouldn’t have known that.

Marvelous is…date night on Saturday night with my love. We went to dinner (Yard House, one of our favs) and then had tickets to see Jon Pardi, Chase Rice, Chris Young & Dierks Bentley. I honestly wasn’t all THAT excited because I wasn’t a huge Dierks fan (until now) but the concert was one of the best I have seen.

2014-07-26 15.19.53

(Any excuse to wear my boots!)

2014-07-26 17.56.12

2014-07-26 19.14.29

Chris Young & Dierks were so high energy and put on a fantastic show. It was also so cool that Dierks is from PHX and has been dreaming about the day he would headline in that venue so he kept saying that it was the best night of his music career. It was awesome.

2014-07-26 17.58.46-1

Marvelous is… sleeping on the car ride home because 11:30pm is LATE for this girl. ;)

Marvelous is… these pancakes I had on Sunday. I’ve been wanting pancakes for a couple weeks, so I finally gave in.

2014-07-27 07.52.46-2

2 eggs, 1 ripe banana, splash of vanilla extract, 1/2 serving of protein powder (for me that was 1 scoop) and a dash of salt. Cook low & slow so they don’t stick. These are incredible!

Marvelous is…running to Target and picking up 7 cases of La Croix. You guys, I’ve been going to WF for my coconut flavor (I haven’t seen it anywhere else) and now Target carries it among other insanely awesome flavors (cherry-lime, peach-pear, mango, etc). YAY. But really, it’s not a good thing because we left Target with two extra impulse buys that were NOT on our list. They get me every time.

Marvelous is…Meatball meeting up with friends at the dog park. Not-so-marvelous was that the dog park was wet mud which really is wet clay. Needless to say, our dirty puppy had a freaking blast in the mud and got a bath as soon as we got home.

2014-07-27 08.25.47

2014-07-27 14.18.48

2014-07-27 09.03.43

Marvelous is… an extremely lazy Sunday complete with a lot of Netflix and delicious food. We tried shrimp on the grill and shish-kabobs. The marinade for the chicken + veggies was unreal.

2014-07-27 17.18.21

2014-07-27 17.19.56

Balsamic vinegar + coconut aminos + extra virgin olive oil + salt + pepper + minced garlic + red pepper flakes

I’m definitely going to remember that one. It’ll be a repeat, for sure.

Marvelous is…quality time with these two. We love our fur baby.

2014-07-25 19.33.32

2014-07-25 19.34.45

Now that I have bombarded you with pictures of MB and food, mostly… I’m signing off. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Question? Best food you ate all weekend?

FIVE Things Friday {7-25-14}

Hello! TGIF! I am drinking my Starbucks coffee, per usual and I know it’s going to be a good day.

So yesterday, I mentioned how I was feeling “bigger.” During FFP, I took weekly progress photos instead of using the scale, and I have been wanting to get back to that. The combo of not feeling my best and being up suuuuper early to get to CF on time made it easier to push it aside. This morning, I got up and put my swimsuit on (that’s what I use for pics) and just got the pictures over with.

I didn’t want to look at them right away (how crazy do I sound?), but I did. You guys, I was SO proud. I look fit. Sure, my shoulders and upper body is a little bigger, but that’s because my workouts work those muscles like no workouts I’ve ever done before. My thighs are a little thicker (I’ve always had cheerleader thighs), but I am constantly working my legs. I might feel bulkier in my clothes (growing muscles) but I felt damn good in a bikini this morning.

I am excited for this progress, and I am more excited to be taking pictures vs. using the scale or nothing at all. It really helps me figure out if shit is just in my head – which can happen from time to time. I hope I’m not alone! ;)

Anyway, I wanted to share incase any other ladies are going through the same thing. I don’t ever step on the scale anymore. That’s not how I want to measure my progress. :) I want share my pictures, but I’m scared! haha.

things i ate:

Standard bfast. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Ground turkey + eggs + berries.

Salsa chicken wraps.

2014-07-21 17.53.17

Apple Chicken Sausage, 1 egg, leftover veggies

2014-07-24 17.30.20

Almond butter protein balls – 2 erry day.

2014-07-24 12.47.11


things I’ve read (and loved):

You are Not My Competition

15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years

9 Ways Women Can Become Better Women

Someone tried to shame her body with graffiti, but this teen had an amazing response.

11 Essential Parts of Being a Spice Girls Fan - OMG, YES! my life.

things making me happy:


This song. And my Zac Brown Band Pandora station <3

Mail. This week has been a great mail week. Surprise from my sis, clothes I ordered, food I’ve ordered. Love getting things in the mail :)

CF. I look forward to it every  day. Even at 5am. That is a miracle.

things i’m looking forward to:

Dierks Bentley concert tomorrow night. I’m pretty sure I butchered his name, but I’m too lazy to look it up.

Weekend of nothing really. Errands, concert and chilling. Maybe some pool time.

Next week is testing week in CF where we find out our maxes in each lift we do (Snatch, bench press, squats, clean and jerk/press, etc.) I am so excited for this.

Engagement pictures. I think we are going to wait until “fall” here, but I am excited none-the-less. I am on the hunt for clothes to wear in them, though! It’s still going to be hot here, so that’s a challenge.

Haircut after work. Nothing crazy, just a trim. I’m growing it out (again).

Have a beautiful weekend. <3

Thursday Confessions

Coming off a few four-day-work-weeks in a row, this five day week is rough. I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday which means (1) Starbucks and (2) “easier” CF workout and (3) the weekend, duh. :)

The only thing we have planned this weekend is a concert on Saturday night and getting emissions tests on our cars. Fun stuff. There will probably be some dog park action as well because the poor little guy has been locked up in the house lately. 114 degree heat is no fun for little english bulldogs.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any type of confessions post, so enjoy it because it will probably be a while before I do another one. ;)

1. I confess that I should probably throw these away, but I just can’t. I should also be embarrassed for posting this on the internet, but I’m not. Okay, maybe slightly. They are my favorite VS sleeping shorts and the fabric is so thin soft that they just tear at the touch. Saaaaaad.

2014-07-22 15.33.55

2. I confess that Wednesday night was one of the first times I have really been homesick. I got a package from my sis in the mail with a letter and it just made me sooo sad that we don’t live closer. I feel like being 8 years older I’ve missed a lot of her growing up, but I am sooo proud of the woman she is and the things she has overcome and accomplished. People keep telling her and my mom that she is going to be famous someday…. and I couldn’t agree more. Not only is she talented, but she has the best personality.

2014-03-26 14.56.29

3. I confess that I am in love with the show Naked and Afraid. Haha. When it first came out I thought it was going to be sooo stupid. But I recently caught my first episode and now I’m hooked. This could be partly due to the fact that I am out of shows to watch on Netflix. Anyone have any good recommendations?

4. I confess that I went to CF this morning, had a protein smoothie (protein powder, a few frozen banana slices, a couple frozen strawberries, ice cubes, coffee ice cubes and spinach) promptly after and not even an hour later I am more than ready for breakfast. I try to wait about 2 hours after it, but I don’t think that’s going to happen today.

5. It’s probably not a confession, but I make new batches of almond butter just so I can feel better about eating large amounts with a spoon. You know, for quality purposes.

6. I confess I have been spending a lot of clothes lately. Nordstroms Anniversary sale got me good. But I realllllly wanted a Kate Spade wallet that I said “no” to. It was so hard. The whole “saving-for-a-wedding” thing is no easy task, my friends. Especially when the AVERAGE wedding is over $27,000. Insane. For people that have planned a wedding for that or under, I need to get in on their budget/saving tips.

7. I confess that I love Meatball more than I ever thought was possible. Yes, sometimes he challenges me in the fiercest way, but he is my baby. And this sight broke my heart. Haha.

2014-07-23 14.44.57

8. I spend a ridiculous amount on coffee, and I confess that sometimes I feel a little guilty about it. When I was telling the checkout lady about my chameleon cold brew addiction, she says “hey, it’s cheaper than crack.” She is absolutely right. There could be worse things. :)

9. I confess that while I LOVE CF. I HATE what it does to my hands. UGH! You can’t really see the calluses… but they’re there. And this is a super flattering thigh shot, lol.

2014-07-24 06.04.34

10. I confess that I feel like I have been getting bigger, making gains with strengths and muscle. The thought of getting bigger though is challenging to get past. I look back on pictures where I weigh at least 10 lbs less, but then have to remind myself the stress and hell I put myself through with obsessing over food and working out. I thought for a second that maybe I should stop CFing so much to avoid getting any “bigger” but then quickly realized how silly that was because it is something I truly look forward to every day. I plan on writing a whole post on that. :)

Phew, glad I got all those out of the way! ;)

Have a wonderful day! <3

Wedding Wednesday

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

Today already started off better than yesterday. I almost skipped CF, but I went and since I was the only girl, I got to pick the Pandora station we listened to… I really think it started all the guys’ days off on the right foot when “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls came on. Best. Day. Ever.

And because I love a good alliteration, so I am declaring Wedding Wednesdays to post about wedding-related things. I probably won’t give too many details away, because family and friends read the blog and I want some things to be a surprise… but I do want to post updates. If you aren’t interested, I don’t blame you… but I want to document this special and fun time. :)

First things first…. yes, it’s over a year away. That’s a little bit of a bummer but that just means I get a little more time to plan, tackle projects and simply be ‘engaged.’ And second, people are surprised at how much I have done. I am not sure why? I like to plan. :) I did not, however, EVER think I would enjoy planning a wedding. I always thought I would be super-bridezilla and stressed. Now, I want to be a professional wedding planner! haha.

Things we’ve done/booked:

  • We have the date: Oct 17, 2015.
  • We have the ceremony/reception venue booked: Hawk’s View in Lake Geneva, WI.
  • The theme: vintage glam
  • We have our entertainment booked… note, NOT just a DJ. :)
  • Found our photographer & videographer.
  • First draft of our guest list.

Next on our my to-do list:

  • Engagement pictures – fall
  • Ask the wedding party – fall
  • Find our Officiate – fall
  • Save the dates – to be sent around April
  • Create a wedding website – after STD
  • Food tastings – over christmas
  • Cake tastings- over christmas

A lot of these things won’t happen for a while… but you can never be too prepared. :)

One of Chris’s workmates sent this out to announce our engagement. I just died.

Cupid has been real busy lately.  Chris has also recently engaged himself to the love of his life Courtney.  Please send him your congratulations and I hear he loves to chat about his dream wedding so don’t hesitate to ask him all of your wedding related questions.”

Let me tell you, I think Chris has been dreaming about his wedding since he was a little boy. ;) HA!

The only thing he cares about is (1) budget and (2) cake. Although… he seems to have a say about everything ;) LOL I told him I was going to put up a “suggestion” box where he could go and leave his suggestions and comments about the things I am planning. I am laughing as I type this. Gosh, I am so funny!

And I have decided that Pinterest is either the best thing or the worst thing that’s happened to weddings. Soooo many ideas, not enough time or money! haha.

I also can totally relate with the women who say they have post-wedding blues. You spend so much time, effort and money into planning this one day… and then it’s over… crazy.

Have a fab day. <3

Meatball Problems

Hey girl, heeeeeey. I am hyped up on pre-workout, post-workout endorphins and two cups of coffee. And it’s only 9:30. We’re in for a great  over here, folks.

My Tuesday also started off with MB shitting (<–excuse my language) all over one of the blankets we use to cover the couch. He even managed to get some on his back and on our stairs. I’m telling you, there was $h*% everywhere. Probably because it was runny. #meatballproblems …TMI? Sorry. But I just thought you should know how my morning is going so far. You’re welcome. :)

My sister actually texted me the other day saying “your blog posts need to be more interesting.” I told her I write about my life and it isn’t really that interesting until a MB situation happens. ;) She also requested more selfies pictures of Meatball.. she is pretty demanding.  :) She’s lucky she is cute!

2014-07-21 13.40.46

Let’s see… today I went to the 5am CF. We kicked off Tuesday with rope climbs. I cannot master the whole “getting down part.” Yikes. Hell, I can’t even master the whole “getting up” part either. LOL. Those are tough and my fingers get tired!

I saw this quote the other day, and I am just in LOVE.

2014-07-16 07.23.40

Do yourself a favor and read this post on fat talk. I know that I do not like to be around people who are constantly berating their bodies, and I do not want to be one of those people. I also LOVED this post from Racheal. It’s a must read.

2014-07-16 07.09.51

I have bruises on my collarbones from cleans.

2014-07-22 09.15.38

OKAY maybe you can’t really see them… but they’re there. I promise.

Last week I had one of the most exciting (embarrassing? ;) ) mail days, ever.

2014-07-18 14.28.11

That could technically be hashtagged #meatballproblems as well. LOL (Jersey Shore reference, anyone?!)

2014-06-08 19.20.22

Anyway, I hope your Tuesday is just as good as mine has been thus far! ;)