Oh How Things Have Changed

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday.

So, I was looking back in my blog for my pumpkin baked oatmeal recipe… and I came across a few WIAW posts from a long time ago. Back then, I was blogging daily and over-consumed with working out and eating within a certain calorie range (1200). I weighed myself regularly and definitely would let that number rule my life. It made me a little sad yet happy I am where I am.

Gone are the days of doing 1+ hours of cardio per day. Or two-a-day workouts. I’ve also found that if I don’t want to work out, I usually don’t. And I’m no longer working to “be skinny” I’m working out to be strong. My lats are bigger than every (thank you, pull-ups), my thighs are thick and my butt is bigger (I think, but in a good way) because of all the freaking squats. I can still fit into all my clothes from when I was 10 or so pounds “lighter” but they fit a little differently. I’m okay with that.

Gone are the days of being so regimented and anxious around food. I don’t count calories, I don’t count sugar grams, I don’t count carbs or meals. I eat what I like (which is healthy a lot of the time). I eat what I want (chocolate every day) and I eat what makes me feel good. I no longer feel guilty for going out with friends, having a few drinks (although it still stands that I would rather have dessert over alcohol because it is all about balance). Traveling doesn’t make me anxious. Not having access to “my foods” doesn’t throw me into a tailspin. I’m now striving for PROGRESS and CONSISTENCY over perfection.

I had a "fat day" while traveling in Arizona and it had me down about myself for hours.

I had a “fat day” while traveling in Arizona and it had me down about myself for hours.

Over the weekend, I really wanted ice cream. So Chris and I got some. I ate it and it wasn’t tied to any emotions. I finished it, and don’t even remember feeling anything other than satisfied. I have engagement pictures coming up, and normally I would be eating egg whites, chicken and vegetables to cut weight… but I just don’t care enough anymore. I just want to be happy (normal) and live my life without restrictions or rules.

I remember on my 24th birthday, Chris and I went out to dinner. I really wanted a birthday “treat” so we stopped to get and share two cupcakes. I felt so guilty for eating the cupcake that I am pretty sure I cried. If I didn’t cry, I definitely was so down about it that it ruined my night. ON MY BIRTHDAY. If that isn’t messed up, I don’t know what is. :)

Two monster cupcakes for an after dinner treat.

Two monster cupcakes for an after dinner treat.

Last year's birthday dinner (and present!).

24th Birthday at Hell’s Kitchen

I don’t know what inspired this change, really… other than I was tired of feeling bad about myself and my body. So here I am, 11 months till our wedding – and instead of focusing on diet plans and over-exercising, I’m enjoying it all. All the mimosas, trips with friends, meals shared… all of it.

2014-06-21 07.38.41

I didn’t plan for this to be such a long post, but it was on my heart so I had to share.

2014-11-03 18.35.13

With friends at Temecula – no worries or anxiety about drinking, working out and eating out.

Eat something yummy today… I know I will. :)


Let Me Tell You…

Let me just tell you that…

Zoodles might possibly be my new favorite thing. Ignore the shitty picture and just pick yourself up a spiralizer. In fact, just order it from Amazon. 

2014-11-12 18.06.10

Let me just tell you that…

My sister got PLAYER OF THE YEAR for the Northwest Herald (our big, local paper). It was voted on by coaches and stuff. So, so cool.

2014-10-18 16.04.30

Let me just tell you that…

I am so pumped for Thanksgiving.

Let me just tell you that…

I NEED a hair cut. Ugh.

Let me just tell you that…

It’s annoying that Taylor Swift took her albums off of Spotify and now other country artists are following suit. How am I supposed to listen to ‘Shake it Off’ on repeat? UGH.

Let me just tell you that…

I forgot my glasses and wallet at home. I took them out of my work bag because something spilled in it and forgot to put them back in. Normally it wouldn’t be a huge deal but I was really looking forward to an almond milk latte from D&D today. #firstworldproblems

Let me just tell you that…

MB eats everything I eat. I just can’t say no to this face.

2014-11-09 07.38.31

Let me just tell you that…

We take selfies in the car. He’s just so cute.

2014-11-09 08.25.03

Let me just tell you that THIS is the time of year I am most in love with Arizona. This weather is just awesome.

2014-11-11 07.51.44

Have a wonderful day!

Four Things.

I saw this floating around and couldn’t resist. :)

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

  1. Court
  2. Shortstuff
  3. Corky
  4. Courtly

2014-08-23 16.46.46

Four jobs I’ve had:

  1. Build-a-Bear stuffer.
  2. Camp Counselor
  3. Swim Instructor
  4. Cheer Coach

Four movies I’ve watched more than once (AND can quote):

Oh… I am the worst movie quoter, ever and I am not much of a re-watcher but will make exceptions for these:

  1. The Hunger Games
  2. Stepmom
  3. The Guardian
  4. Sex and the City

Four books I’d recommend:

  1. Hunger Games
  2. If I Stay
  3. Gone Girl
  4. The Art of Racing in the Rain

Four places I’ve lived:

  1. Illinois
  2. Iowa
  3. Minnesota
  4. Arizona

2013-04-18 16.00.29

Four places I’ve been:

  1. Mexico (Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Playa Del Carmen I think?)
  2. Glacier National Park – my favorite place on earth
  3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  4. Yosemite National Park – top 5 favorite places. :)


Four places I’d rather be right now:

  1. Any national park. Hiking.
  2. Europe. I’m not picky.
  3. Bora Bora (hint, hint… Chris!)
  4. On a beach. With all-inclusive drinks.

half dome

Four things I don’t eat:

  1. Onions.
  2. Most fish.
  3. Meatloaf.
  4. Stuffing.

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Almond/coconut butter.
  2. Ice cream.
  3. Roasted vegetables.
  4. Trail mix AND breakfast foods. It’s a tie.

2014-06-15 06.32.23


Four TV shows that I watch:

Basically anything on Netflix.

  1. Gossip Girl.
  2. One Tree Hill
  3. Scandal
  4. Grey’s Anatomy

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

  1. Christmas!
  2. Having Chris’s family here for Thanksgiving.
  3. Planning a wedding/wedding dress shopping
  4. My brother’s wedding in Jamaica (although technically NEXT year)

2013-12-24 19.26.47

Four things I’m always saying:

  1. W-T-F
  2. “That’s so funny” – I realized I say that a lot haha.
  3. Absolutely!
  4. “Meatball….NO!”

2014-01-23 19.42.31

Fun Things Friday


And let me just point out…I posted two days this week….. WHO am I?

1. I fell running at CF the other morning. It was dark, I didn’t have my glasses, I was alone… and I totally  ate $h*t. My knee and shoulder are scraped up. :(

2. I totally skipped CF (and working out in general) yesterday. I slept until 6. Normally if I skip CF, I do a quick cardio workout… but nope. Just wasn’t feeling it. That’s been the story of my life lately (skipping workouts and not feeling bad about it) and I don’t hate it. :)

3. I am in LOVE with this necklace. Love, love, love.

2014-11-06 07.41.12-1

4. I neeeeeeed a hair cut. And maybe some color. Yiiiikes.

2014-11-06 15.30.22

5. Suck-ups annoy me. Like REEEEEEALLY annoy me.

6. I have a pretty awesome job. I’m pretty lucky.

7. HOW IS IT ALREADY NOVEMBER? Mind. Blown. Throwback to last November. I want to go back!


8. One month until I’m 26. How is that even possible?

9. I am LOOOOVING my clarisonic.

10. SOMEONE (*cough, Chris, cough*) has been letting MB sleep in the bed with us and he takes up sooooo much room. He is a little hog. We put him in HIS bed in our room and somehow he always ends up in our bed. Then he hears things and goes crazy and wakes everyone up. But he is sooooooooo cute.

2014-11-03 19.08.56

11. I have a MILLION honeycrisp apples waiting to be used. I’ve already made an apple pie… now what do I make?

12. My sis got MVP for the FOURTH year in a row. #SooooProud


13. This weekend is going to be full of cleaning, organizing and arts and crafts. All while watching copious amounts of Netflix. Can’t wait. :)

14. 2.5 weeks until THANKSGIVING! Yay!

15. I am still on the hunt for one more engagement picture outfit. Ughhhhh. Have i mentioned that I hate all my clothes?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


October Recap + Wine Weekend in Temecula

Hey, hey!

As I write this post mid-week, I am finally feeling caught up on life which is GREAT news.

2014-10-31 07.32.04

October was a complete blur for me. New York for work, trip to Illinois and then topping off the month with a long wine weekend in Temecula, California. Trust me, I am not complaining one bit. It’s been a blast!

2014-11-03 09.10.24

But my workouts, healthy eating and regular routine definitely took a hit – which isn’t the greatest because we have engagement pictures coming up… but oh well. I wouldn’t trade any bit of it for a second.

2014-11-01 10.27.31

November is going to be (almost) as crazy for us. I am looking forward to Chris’s entire family visiting for Thanksgiving and our engagement pictures the most. So many fun things.

2014-11-03 19.34.23

2014-11-03 18.56.46

Okay, back to Temecula.

2014-11-03 18.43.34

2014-11-03 18.43.42

Just when I thought our first trip couldn’t be topped… we topped it. This trip was such a blast. And great news, I did not drink TOO much wine. But we did get a chance to relive last trip’s bathroom incident (just for fun).

2014-11-03 18.35.49

2014-11-03 18.35.13

2014-11-03 18.37.30

2014-11-03 18.38.42

We also were part of a tour this time – so we were all on a bus together. Plus there was food (small snacks) at each winery… AND we hit TEN (!!) wineries both days. I learned my lesson from my first trip and only drank the wine I liked… I think that helped me out a ton.

2014-11-03 09.10.02

2014-11-03 09.09.44

2014-11-02 14.02.46

2014-11-01 16.32.00

2014-11-03 18.44.29

The weekend was kind of a blur in itself? The only way I can separate events in the photos is by the outfits I was wearing… which reminds me that I need new clothes. I am hating on everything I have, lately. Ugh.

2014-11-03 19.34.07

2014-11-03 19.34.00

2014-11-03 18.39.10

2014-11-03 09.09.52

Oh and that also reminds me that I neeeeeed to put together a “favorites” post of things I’m loving lately. It’s been too long and I am loving on so many things. Especially this cutie.

2014-11-03 19.08.56

Okay, gotta jet.


Catching Up

Good morning!

How are you guys?

Things are going MUCH better over here. I finally feel like I am settling in at my job and connecting with all my co-workers, so that’s a great feeling. I never imagined changing jobs to be THAT hard, but it definitely was quite the adjustment. Luckily, my job is FUN. My company is FUN and the products are so fun. And did I mention I was just in NYC for a weekish? Let me just tell you that the coffee shops in NYC = LOVE.

2014-10-13 12.14.49

Another adjustment is my (long) commute. It takes me about 35-45 minutes to get to and from work. I have never really had much of a commute before, and it’s amazing how much precious time it takes out of your day. After the whole wedding thing, hopefully we will find something closer to both of our jobs (Chris’s commute is 45-1hr).

2014-10-18 12.46.40

Chris and I were just talking about that, actually. How we are both a little nostalgic for Minnesota and had all our places there, etc. Part of it, we think, is that we just had more time together. That’s not to say we don’t LOVE Arizona, we just need to live closer to work. :)

2014-10-17 08.26.04

Anyway, we went home to IL to watch my sister play in the IL State Golf Tournament. It was my first time seeing her play in a tournament, and let me just say that she is GOOD. She may not have had the best rounds she’s ever had… but I was still impressed. Not only how she played but how graceful she was after the tournament was over.

Chris and I managed to fit in some cake tasting and a visit to our venue while we were home, too. Cake tasting was everything I imagined it to be… who WOULDN’T want to taste cake and fillings? We picked out our cake and design so we can check that off the list.

Where the ceremony will be.

Where the ceremony will be.

The visit to our venue was exciting. It was my first time seeing it, really, and I LOVED it. The rooms and views are gorgeous. The food is fantastic and it just has the perfect rustic/homey feel that just gives off such a laid-back and comfortable vibe. And then once we glam it up a little bit with decorations, it’s going to be awesome.

2014-10-19 11.17.33

My ONLY hesitation is the weather. It’s October in IL… so it’s quite risky. ;) But you can’t really beat the views and colors.

2014-10-19 11.17.41

While we were in IL, MB went to “doggy camp.” We called to check up on him and found out the first day he got in two timeouts. Haha. Poor puppy. He was just playing hard I guess. Then I think they put him with the bigger doggies and all was well. He goes back this weekend because we’re going on a big trip to Temecula for more wine tasting with friends.

2014-10-20 17.58.59


It will be a weekend of celebrating, because it’s Cara’s birthday and Chris will finally be done studying for his test (if he passes :) ).

I am so behind in blog reading and catching up. So tell me what’s new with you!

Gotta go!


A Very Special Day

I’m breaking my blogging hiatus by wishing my baby sister a very special 18th birthday… and it’s perfect because she always tells me I need to blog more. So Blake, this is for you.

And sorry I’m not sorry for picture overload. :)

Dear Blake,

2014-10-18 16.04.30

I am so blessed to have you in my life. I am blessed to call you a sister and even more importantly, a best friend. You are one of the kindest people I know. You light up a room and spread sunshine wherever you go.

2014-10-16 20.54.44

You are talented, you are beautiful and you are going places.


18 is such a fragile year. This is the year you leave home, start to learn who you are and shape who you want to be. This is the year where you go out into the world and experience new things that both test and prove your character.


You are special. You are loved. You are going places.

2014-03-26 14.56.29

I have watched you grow from the day you were born and couldn’t be more proud of who you are, what you’ve accomplished and where you’re going.

2014-03-31 12.59.45

If anyone deserves all the happiness, love and joy in the world; it’s you.

2014-03-27 18.32.15

Wish I could celebrate this new, exciting year with you in person, but I’m always there in spirit.

2014-03-22 18.30.15

Love you lots.

hair and makeup done my moi :)


2014-01-01 14.20.49

2014-01-04 07.29.20

2014-01-04 12.59.38


me and blake 6

me and blake 5

me and blake 2


Have the best day!