Finding a Routine

Hello! Happy Monday! If this week is anything like last week… it’s going to FLY by. And although I would love to post more… Once a week seems to be all I can squeeze out. #Priorities

And then there’s the fact that all my days go by so fast and start blend together now that I am back in an office so I feel uninspired to post… I’m still working my way into a routine – morning routine, dinner routine, etc. So much has changed over here! Hopefully once I get everything figured out I’ll update more often.

The good news is, is that we had a very productive weekend. It feels good to check things off a list… #amiright?


We cleaned, cooked, shopped and even managed to squeeze in a date night.



And let’s just skip the part about how we managed to miss most of Florida Georgia Line because of a disastrous parking situation…


I have been loving wearing real clothes (although it’s casual in my office) and makeup on a daily basis. Of course, the first thing I do when I get home is change into something more comfortable. But it’s fun to actually WEAR the clothes in my closet instead of just looking at them. I also don’t feel bad about being lazy and looking like a mess on the weekends, too.

2014-09-18 06.56.51


I have themed days. Mondays are dress days, tuesdays are dressier days, wednesdays are scarf days, thursday’s are laid-back and friday’s are super casual. At least, that’s how it was last week. I’m planning on sticking to that (loosely) this week, too… Just so it doesn’t take me a gazillion (<-actual measurement) hours to get ready.

So… unbeknownst to me, MB chewed my computer cord and when I went to go plug it in, it sparked and I saw a flame. It scared the $h!# out of me! I had some black marks on my hands and blew the circuit… but luckily that’s the worst that happened.


Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, because I was able to order a new cord and have it in 48 hours.

2014-09-17 20.24.41


It’s almost dinner time (on Sunday) and we have some pork cooking in the crock pot, all food prepped for the week, a clean house, a tired puppy and the possibility of ice cream on the horizon. It’s going to be a fantastic week. <3


Catch Up + Confessions To Start The Week

Hey! What a whirlwind of a week, my friends.

I’m not even sure where to begin. After our weather day last Monday, I had plans to fly out early Tuesday morning for the GameStop expo in Anaheim. To keep a long story short, they were LONG days but it was so fun.

bfast in my hotel room

bfast in my hotel room

I was soo glad to see my guys, though when I got back.

2014-08-24 08.00.32

Friday was my first “official” day in the office. I worked almost 12 hours, but it went by fast. Even though I am sooo much busier – it has been so fun. It also feels like I have been working there for much longer than a couple weeks. :)

Whew. I used the weekend to catch up on much needed errands, work and stuff around the house.


1. I can’t handle the cuteness. We had a photoshoot last night. AND (!!) I am happy to report that the Vegan food we have him on is just a win all-around. His face is even clearing up!!

2014-09-14 17.16.07-2

2014-09-14 17.22.14-2

2014-09-14 17.22.30

2014-09-14 17.21.27

2. We went hungry shopping, yesterday. Bad news. We came out of Trader Joes’s with Chicago style popcorn which is like crack and came out of target with mallow creme pumpkins. We justified that by saying that was the only bag of the year. LOL.

3. Oh, and we had an ice cream date with the BFF, too.

4. I’m looking forward to some cleaner, prepared eats for the week. Maybe I’ll join up with WIAW to show off my hours of meal prep. :)

5. I only worked out 3 times last week. I just did not have the time in CA, and my body definitely needed sleep over a workout. #progress

6. I sat at the wrong gate for at least 20 minutes on Tuesday. I assumed SNA meant Santa-something, but really it means Orange County. Oops. Good thing I double-checked. Haha.

7. This was my breakfast before my flight at 7AM. Delish.

2014-09-09 07.04.57


Alright, I’m off to soak up a little more quality time with my guys before bed.

Make it a great day! <3


What A Waste

Hello, hello.

Thank you for your well-wishes. I wish I had more exciting things to present to you today, however I ended up not going into the office so my first “official” day was spent working from home.

When I woke up to multiple flash flood warnings on my phone, I didn’t think anything of it. I still woke up at 4:20AM, went to CF and came back to get ready. Good thing it only took me about an hour to shower and get ready, because I got a text from the BFF saying to be careful on the roads and that it was taking her brother 2 hours to get to work. I left an hour earlier than I normally would and 5 minutes after I pulled out of my driveway, I got a call from my boss saying to do what I can from home today because the roads and weather were too dangerous.

I was happy to spend one more day with the MB, but I was looking cute in my real clothes and was having a great hair day. What a waste!

2014-09-08 13.49.31

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Haha. So obvi I went home, changed into workout clothes and went to into my office. In all seriousness, I did get work done and am thankful that she called before I got on the highway. The pictures are crazy!

Plus, now I have an extra hour (due to no commute) to pack and get my stuff situated before I leave for an event in Anaheim, tomorrow morning.

My Monday was great though. I just love (being inside) on rainy days.

More thoughts from Monday:

1. I started taking vitamins. My pee was basically neon. TMI? Haha.

2. I have the best friends, ever. And I just love our ongoing text convos. Good stuff.

2014-09-08 15.11.46

3. I did double-unders in the WOD for the first time, ever. I didn’t connect them all but I think I did get to 13 or 14 in a row. I am definitely getting the hang of it and it’s making me SO happy.

4. I made apple egg white “muffins” for a snack and they are delicious with a little bit of almond butter on top.

Four ingredients: chopped apple, egg whites, cinnamon, stevia (or other sweetener). All I did was chop half an apple, sauté it with cinnamon, measure a cup of egg whites with a few drops of stevia and cinnamon, put apples into 5 muffin cups and poured the egg whites over them. So easy. I just heated up two for a snack with 2 tsp of almond butter and they were delicious. Kind of (exactly) like my apple and egg white omelet but portable.

2014-02-18 09.36.01

5. I have a LaCroix problem. I’ve already had 2 today and it’s not even 4pm, yet. I have just been getting so sick of water.

On a different note, my sister is in the process of looking at colleges to play golf and I’m seriously crossing my fingers that she will be close by. I would be over the moon to have her close by. Love you, sis. <3

2013-12-26 19.25.18

Alright, I’m off to pack for Anaheim… so I will catch y’all on the flip side!

Fresh Start + Weekend Things

Good morning!

Today marks a fresh start for me. I’m officially starting my new job and new schedule.

I spent this weekend solo, which I haven’t done in sooo long. It brings me back to the long-distance-dating days in college. That sucked. It wouldn’t be so bad if I would see him right away when he gets back on Tuesday, but I fly out to CA before he gets in. Saaad.

On the bright side, I was suuuuuper productive this weekend. I didn’t have someone to convince me to lay in bed (okay, really I am usually the one trying to convince) and being lazy with.


Let me just say that it was sad and hard to say goodbye to my old job and co-workers. I’m glad to leave on good terms, but it was HARD. I’m glad that I convinced Chris to work from home on my last day working from home because I needed him when I signed off.

2014-09-05 16.31.40

Friday night we had a Blake Shelton concert. We (or maybe just I) wasn’t really feeling it. I was exhausted from the week, it was super hot and sticky outside and I just wanted a low key night before Chris left in the AM. Well, we went and stayed until almost 11.

2014-09-05 19.19.43

2014-09-05 19.12.18

We did manage to snap a few selfles, though.

2014-09-05 19.06.48-1


After dropping Chris off at the airport, I went to CF. After the workout I worked on my Double Unders with a coach and I did 12 in a row… beating my previous record of 8. I left on cloud 9. So happy I am getting the hang of it.

Then I cleaned and talked to my mom on the phone for a long time and then watched more Gossip Girl (duh). It was pretty low key which was exactly what I was looking for.

2014-09-06 16.25.18-2


Yesterday was my most productive day. I worked out (reluctantly), took MB for a walk before it got too hot out, returned (and bought) some things at the mall and prepped a lot of food for the week.

2014-09-07 09.08.00

Treadmill Toaster Workout from the Fitnessista.

2014-09-07 11.32.52

Gluten-free banana bread made into muffins. BTW, Chris, if you’re reading this these are your breakfasts. :)

As I am writing this (Sunday night)… I am anxiously awaiting my new job. I’m a little nervous, excited and ….nervous. Haha. I’m already sad that I have to leave my baby home all day, but I’m trying not to think about it. :)

2014-09-07 11.28.02

I’m kind of excited to be in more of a routine, though. Prepping food for the week, consistently working out at the same time everyday, more human interaction and wearing real clothes… well that last one is a blessing and a curse. :|

2014-09-07 11.25.58

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!


Thursday Things.

You guys! I loved our coffee talk, yesterday. Maybe the post sounded a little more sad than it intended to be… I am in a good place! I just wish I could bring my baby MB to work with me. :)

Aaaaaaand, today feels like Friday. Four day weeks always screw me up. Not that I am complaining, though.

1. To rid myself of dog-mom-guilt, I just looked up Doggie Day Care options. We wouldn’t have him go every day (holy cow is it expensive)… but I think it would be worth it maybe once or twice a week. I love the ones that have live cams. That makes the control freak in me feel so much better. Haha.

Side note- there are so many “dog spas” and “suites” around here. WTF. You can rent “suites with a TV” for your pup. LOL. Crazy.

2. My lil sis got into a car accident yesterday. THANK GOODNESS she has nothing more than a sore elbow and burns from the airbags. The Lord was watching out for her, for sure. Love you, sis. <3

3. So every 2 weeks I get my lashes filled. Well my lovely lash lady opened up her own “beauty bar” recently where you can get multiple services done at the same time. She has a special bed where you can get your lashes (or facials) done and get a pedicure at the same time. I had that done yesterday (just to try it… you know. :) ) and it was SO awesome. Dangerously awesome (for my wallet).

4. I have used my Clarisonic (Mia 2) 4 times. And each time I love it more and more. My face (already!) feels so soft and smooth. Why did I wait so long? Plus it feels nice.

5. I talked to my mom, dad and sister yesterday. All in one day. That has to be a record. :)

6. I kind of keep forgetting about our Blake Shelton concert tomorrow. He’s a pretty fun guy (in concert) and puts on a good show so I am excited. Plus, just another reason to wear my boots.

7. I wore a scarf with a tank top yesterday because I’m trying to embrace Fall even though it’s still hot as heck in AZ. Yeah… bad idea. So sweaty.

8. Dunkin Donuts now has almond milk coffees. FINALLY. Starbucks needs to get with it or else I just might have to give up my gold card. Not all stores have it (yet)… but if you use the store locator you can see if yours does. The D&D close to me has it… I just might have to give it a try this weekend! :)

I am ending on #8, which is a little hard to do. So close to 10, yet I don’t have anything left. ;)

Make today a great day!


Coffee Talk

I’m about to go grab some more Chameleon cold brew for this post.. if we were together, I’d share… and that’s saying a lot because Chameleon is THAT good. I didn’t feel like I had that much to talk about, but I can pretty much talk to a wall so these coffee talk posts are always way longer than I anticipated. I hope you have some coffee, too.  :)

2014-06-15 06.32.23

It’s my last week at my job, and it’s definitely bitter-sweet. I am ready for new, exciting adventures at my new job… but with any big change comes a little bit of nervousness and anxiety. I already met a lot of people at my new job, and they all seem super-awesome. It’s a little bitter though because I’ll no longer be working from home and because I did enjoy the company I worked for. I just needed to grow as a professional, ya know? I can’t wait to see what this new job has in store for me.

If we were having coffee, we’d probably talk a little about our Labor Day weekends… I’d tell you mine wasn’t that eventful but included a pool party, sangria and lots of Netflix because one Chris’s BFFs was in town. They are quite the pair. :)

And then I’d tell you that MB almost drowned (maybe exaggerating a bit) at the party. He was on a tube that was on the side of the pool and just slide in. Luckily we were closely watching and Chris was there to dive under and snatch him up. I think he was a little traumatized, because that guy straight up sinks to the bottom. Gosh I am going to miss him next week.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am already sad that I won’t see Chris like all of next week. He has a work trip and then I leave before he gets back for my work trip and I feel like I have barely seen him. :( Fall is going to be busy for us, so I am trying to squeeze in as much quality time as I can.

2014-08-30 07.03.03

We’d probably talk about our latest workouts because you know the rule about those who CF can never stop talking about CF. ;) Haha. I’d tell you that I went to CF SIX days last week – which is a record that I probably won’t be repeating. Haha. I was constantly sore.

2014-09-03 07.22.46

I’d show you the latest pictures of MB that I have on my phone. And I’d probably tear up (again) thinking about how much I am going to miss this little guy when I am at work. I feel so bad he is going to be so lonely. :( GAH. You’d probably look at me like I am ridiculous (it’s true) but I just have so much love for him. If you’ve talked to me about MB lately, you’d know that we switched his food and now he is a Vegan. Haha. But seriously. And he loves his food. And his poops are SOLID. THANK THE LORD. Wiping his butt multiple times per day was just too much for me. Haha. It’s the little things, friends.

2014-09-01 09.05.29

2014-08-29 17.11.29

2014-08-29 13.56.23

If we were having coffee, we’d definitely talk about our latest Netflix obsessions. Mine is currently Gossip Girl (again) and The Walking Dead. I have to catch up for work, and I was skeptical about it (not my type of show)… but I am actually loving it so far.

Oh! I’d definitely tell you that I got a Clarisonic. I haven’t used it (yet) because it’s charging… but it’s so pretty and I am so excited to try it. Everyone that has one raves about it, so I will be sure to give a full review after a couple weeks.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that today is going to be one of those days where I eat everything in sight. I just ate breakfast not even an hour ago and I am already hungry. Ugh. These days are annoying. :)

Well, I am off to grab a snack. I hope you have a fabulous day! <3

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

Thursday Things

I spent literally ALL day yesterday thinking it was Thursday. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Unless of course it was reversed.

Anyway, let’s get to some Thursday Things.

1. I am literally working two jobs at the moment. And while I’m lucky that one of them is from home, it still doesn’t make the days any less long. :) Luckily, my (new) job is sooo much fun. We’re planning some social media campaigns and contests for a big upcoming event (which I get to travel to the first week I start), and I am so excited. Work is always that much better when you have fun with what you do.

2. I had someone (who owns his own business) who I was consulting with, and he asked if I considered opening up my own social business. And while he’s not the first person to ask or suggest I should do that, that doesn’t really interest me (at the moment, anyway). I definitely WANT to be a small business owner someday, but it’s going to be for a HOBBY and not a “job” if that makes sense. I LOVE marketing and social media and am pretty passionate about it, but my dream is open a bakery/café with a twist.

3. Chris dragged me to a life insurance meeting yesterday. I am pretty sure that he is the only 24 year old that is seriously planning for retirement and setting up a large life insurance plan, but I am thankful he gets me thinking about those things. If it weren’t for him, I’d probably wait until I was a year or so away from retirement before I started thinking about it.

4. During said meeting, our insurance guy asked us all sorts of questions we hadn’t really discussed in detail. Like how many years until we had kids, what our final arrangements would be, etc. Haha. Fun stuff! ;)

5.  I have gone to CF every day (so far) this week. Chris isn’t going tomorrow because his college friend is coming into town, so we will see if I actually can pull myself out of bed without him making me get up. It’s going to be a doozy workout because today was all mobility (basically a rest day).

6. I treated myself to some new clothes, booties and a CLARISONIC(!) for getting a new job in which I have to go back into an office. :) I got the Clarisonic because I have been wanting to try one for a while, and I finally bit the bullet and got one. I hope they’re worth the money.

Nordstrom’s free shipping and easy returns makes online shopping extremely dangerous.

7. We are going to switch MB’s dog food for the third time. It’s such a pain, but the food we have him on now is basically only salmon and vegetables and it does not sit well with his stomach. We’re trying a Vegan dog food called VDog. It still has the protein ratio he needs, so we’re covered there… but it does have some grains in it which he is not used to eating (he eats grain free now).

8. I made my LAST car payment this month. BEST DAY EVER which means more $$ into my student loans (I swear they never shrink).

9. Have any big labor day plans? I don’t really aside from a birthday party for a friend. Should be a good day of pool time + good food, drinks & company. :) Plus, it’s on Sunday so everyone has Monday to recover.

10. I seriously tear up about not being home with MB all day. I am so sad about it. :( He’s my favorite little guy and such good company. It breaks my heart that he is going to be all alone for so long. Ugh. How do I get over that?!

2014-08-27 12.29.23

11. And…. in honor of #nationaldogday earlier this week…

2014-01-13 16.34.33-1

12. One of the best parts about 5am CF is seeing the sunrise. It’s kind of crazy that, like, two years ago Chris and I had dreams of moving out of the Midwest and trying something different. How cool that we got to move across country and start a life together. How many people can say that?

2014-08-27 06.05.24

13. T-Swift’s new song came on my Pandora station this morning.

14. I have been having the worst wedding dreams, lately. LOL. I literally woke up from a seriously stressful wedding dream last night (my makeup was TERRIBLE, I was late, no one showed up to the ceremony except for a bunch of older people (weird) and something else that I cant remember). I was so relieved it was a dream and had to take a couple deep breaths before I could go back to sleep. Haha.

15. Today is Chris’s sisters birthday and my brothers birthday. So funny that we never realized they were on the same day until this year!

Have a great Friday eve! :)